Often times the skilled application of stretching and strengthening coupled with appropriate modalities can be an effective regime to decrease pain, increase function and avoid surgery.

If you have had surgery, our team of professionals will help you to optimize your results. Consulting with the surgeon, along with the latest safe technique, our therapists will assist in speeding up your successful recovery.


Headache, stiffness pain, muscle tension are just a few of the neck conditions we successfully manage. Utilizing skilled soft tissue and/or joint mobilization along with safe pain reducing flexibility, strengthening exercises have been core to effective programs. Electrical and thermal modalities complement our treatments.

We provide treatments for a variety of low back problems such as sciatica, herniated disc and hip pain. Careful evaluation leads to effective treatment using exercise, stretching, various modalities and skilled thoughtful soft tissue and joint mobilization.

N.B. As with the neck, shoulder or any body area, our therapists communicate with you to further evaluate what factors may be affecting your conditions. Posture, technique, repetitive movement pattern and more are thoroughly discussed and effectively controlled.